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We are a full service hospitality group specializing in travel to Cuba. We Specialize on setting up legal travel options to Cuba . Experience Cuba through our unique travel programs, carefully curated to help you experience the warm hospitality and friendship of the Cuban people and encounter their rich traditions of art, music, food, history and nature. We help you go off the beaten path to experience authentic Cuba. Choose from our unique itineraries, each packed with a full-time schedule of educational exchange activities for a truly unforgettable experience.

Why District Cuba?


We know Cuba – we are Cuban, and work with the best partners in Cuba to deliver an amazing cross-cultural experience. You are our guest – let us take care of every detail, from the moment you land to the minute you leave!  All of our tours are led by a dedicated bilingual guide who will introduce you to the people and culture of Cuba. We handle all the logistics and record keeping, so that you can enjoy an authentic, worry-free Cuban experience.

Unique Trip Itineraries

Experience nature like you’ve never seen before! This tour package features Cuba’s natural beauty.


This tour takes you through photogenic Havana and Spanish-Colonial architecture delights.


Learn traditional Cuban dance and enjoy the energetic rhythms of Cuba.